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What is the difference between nordic walking poles and trekking poles ?  I thought I would do some research and find out some answers for you. I have used both types while hiking but more with nordic walking poles as I own a pair of those – a one piece design.  However I did use the trekking poles for going up and down hills while hiking last year.  Both are good for hiking. There are a number of excellent resources out there with American Nordic Walking Association, Lexi, Exerstrider, Backpackinglight.com forum, Canadian Nordic Walking Association,  Nordic Walking UK , plus many more.

My research indicates two main differences – the pole and the stride.  The nordic walking pole is lighter especially the one piece design, grips are different on both set of poles especially nordic poles where you put thumb thru while trekking poles seem to be worn loose. The tip on Nordic Walking poles  is on a 45 degree angle while trekking poles tend to be flat. The trekking poles are  three piece, telescoping and adjustable. For the stride – Nordic walking poles- the follow through is important, the tips are meant to be engaged in the sides and behind the body while walking. Nordic walking poles meant for fitness walking whike trekking poles more for balance & stability and helping take pressure off your knees downhill. Trekking poles are planted in front while walking. My conclusion both poles will help you hiking.  Below are two videos showing you walking by trekking poles and nordic walking poles.

 Below is a video on Trekking Poles by Jayah Faye Paley

Below is video  of Nordic Walking by Linda Lemke


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