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Bull Moose on Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge

The 75th Anniversary Cape Breton Highlands National Park in 2011 has provided hikers with a new challenge – hike  75 km from May to October. It also provides you with a wonderful opportunity to see the whole park,  its great scenery, wildlife and plants. And of course to get in shape for more events such as CB Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge and 8th Annual Hike the Highlands festival in September.

Hikers are required to keep track of your trails hiked and dates, record them on paper, signed it and pass it into the Parks Canada Cheticamp or Ingonish Visitor Information Centre where you will receive some 75th Anniversary prizes. Note: Hikers can only hike each trail once.  Be sure to take your camera with you and take lots of pictures.  Below are just a few of the pictures I took while completing the 75 km hiking challenge.


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One of the more interesting trails for plants in Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the Bog Trail.  A short interpretive trail that takes on average 20-30 minutes to complete and that includes time for taking pictures.  A great trail to have a DSLR  camera with a zoom and macro lens for closeup photos of plants or a point and shoot camera using the closeup setting. . 

The Bog Trail features pitcher plants, water lillies, orchids and more. Take time to stop and read the interpretive panels and learn more about these interesting plants.  This is a loop trail is on a boardwalk due to sensitive areas. The Bog trail is one of the hikes featured in 2010 Hike the Highlands Festival

Below is an interesting video on how pitcher plants catch insects.

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Money Point (Gulch)

The 2010 schedule of hikes for the 7th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival is out now…There will be 24 guided hikes over ten days – Sept. 10-19.  Three new hikes will be offered this year – Polletts Cove (18km), Money Point Light (14 km) and Le vieux chemin du Cap-Rouge ( 6km).  Hikes coming back in 2010 include Cape Smokey, Acadien,  Benjies Lake, Bog,  and Money Point (Gulch). Hikers who enjoy photography will like the new trails added and the hikes back for 2010. Outstanding scenery will be enjoyed.

Two of the new hikes, Polletts Cove & Money Point Light are rated the highest yet for level of difficulty – 5E and will require the hiker to be in good physical condition, wear hiking boots,  use trekking poles, and carry the appropriate food & water.  The above hikes will begin at 9:00 am. and are expected to take most of the day. Hikers must dress appropriately and be prepared for all conditions. Le vieux chemin du Cap-Rouge is a new trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park built on the old Cabot Trail.

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MacIntosh Brook, CBHNP

MacIntosh Brook, CBHNP

Hiking is one of the most popular activities of visitors to Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  Staff have been asked for their picks of hiking trails to help visitors enjoy the National Park experience.  Ten were selected and they are 1) L’Acadien, 2) Franey, 3) Bog,  4) Jack Pine, 5) Skyline, 6) Glasgow Lakes Look-off,  7) MacIntosh Brook, 8) Salmon Pools, 9) Broad Cove Mountain and 10) Middle Head.  All of them are great choices.

Here are my ten picks of  hiking trails in Cape Breton Highlands National Park – 1)  Franey,  2) Clyburn Valley,  3)  Broad Cove Mountain, 4) Le Buttereau,  5)  L’Acadien, 6)  Salmon Pools, 7) Coastal which includes Jack Pine, 8) Middle Head, 9) Fishing Cove and  10) Skyline.  I enjoy taking photos and the above ten hiking trails in the Cape Breton Highlands National park provide me with great photo opportunities.

What are your favorite hiking trails in Cape Breton Highlands National Park ? Send me your comments….and why they are your favorites ? Hikers like to hear other opinions on trails.

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CBHNP Receives Certificate of Appreciation

At the recent Cabot Trail Tourism Solutions Conference at Keltic Lodge,  Cape Breton Highlands National Park were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for their valuable contributions as a partner for the 2007 Hike the Highlands Festival.  In the picture above are – Jocelyne Quann, Park Interpreter,  Marie Stradeski,  Manager of Heritage Presentations,  Tom C. Wilson, Chair, Hike the Highlands Festival Society, Elaine Wallace, Chief of Visitor Services, and Heather Dixon, Marketing and Information Officer.

“Cape Breton Highlands National Park were a tremendous partner in this year’s festival” says Tom C. Wilson, Hike the Highlands Festival Society, “and their involvement played a major role in the success of it.”  The Cape Breton Highlands National Park developed a new guides manual, provided guides training, developed new trail fact sheets, assisted in the marketing and promotion of the festival through a fall newsletter and articles and contributed in-kind contributions of staff. 

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While camping in Cheticamp at National Park Campground, my wife and I hike a few trails on this side of the National Park. One of the trails was Corney Brook. The trail began on the other side of the road from the parking lot. It was nice, wide trail allowing two people to walk side by side, well maintained, that followed the brook all the way to the falls. After hiking the trail, we went to the Corney Brook Campground, then down to the beach for a swim. Note: the brook is colder than the ocean. Nearby is the Cap Rouge and Veterans Monument where you can take the postcard picture of the Cabot Trail. Later that day we hiked the Skyline Trail and the Bog. These two trails are the most popular hiking trails in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  At the Skyline Trail, besides some great views,  we managed to see some spruce grouse on the trail.  At the Bog Trail, lots of pitcher plants ,water lilies, and orchids.

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