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Despite a few sore muscles from the day before, I ventured out to do Cape St. Lawrence-Lowland Cove. This is a new hike this year in the festival and it certainly lived up to its reputation. 36 hikers enjoyed this 11 km hike that started from Meat Cove down to Cape St. Lawrence, to Lowland Cove and back to Meat Cove – 6.5 hours. Because of the distance of this hike, we were able to chat with many fellow hikers and make new friends.

One of the nice surprises was the horses at Cape St. Lawrence. They certainly enjoyed our company and liked all the attention & food. Cape St. Lawrence was cold & windy and a jacket was necessary while we enjoyed lunch here.  After lunch we were off to Lowland Cove, where we saw great ocean scenery and mountains. Our group pic was taken there. Then back to Meat Cove where many will agree the hardest part of the hike.   

Many thanks to our guides David Rasmussen, and Bill Danielson, sweeps – Derek Quann, Esther Danielson, and Sandra LeBlanc for a fine job. Thanks to  Derrick MacLellan and his partners for opening the Meat Cove Welcome Centre for the day and being such fine hosts. They served great food by the way as many of us had supper there after the hike.

The other hike featured today during the Hike the Highlands Festival was White Point where Guide Becky Jackson, sweepers Jen Moses and Leona Stockley,  led 24 hikers out to Two Twittle. This hike also feature cold & high winds but great scenery.  The day ended with a great presentation by Billy Budge on St. Paul’s Island . Billy’s is great storyteller & photographer and provided history, pictures and stories about life on St. Paul’s Island.  On many of the northern hikes in the festival you can see St. Paul’s Island on a clear day – like today on Cape St. Lawrence Hike.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast by Environment Canada – Sunny and High of 16. Fog patches dissipating in the morning. Monday’s hike is Sugarloaf  Mountain. The provincial department tourism photographer, Wally Hayes, will be joining us on the Sugarloaf Guided Hike.


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“Today I was challenged and rewarded,” can best described my hike today – the Guided Wilderness Hiking Adventures Hike at Ingonish Harbour. This was one of the 18 guided hikes during the 4th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival.  It was full of many nice surprises and interesting adventures. A hike that was memorable thanks to our guide, Lawrence Barron, sweepers – Lisa Dixon, Becky Jackson and Maurena Barron and fellow hikers. A wonderful group of people that made for an amazing experience.

It was interesting to note on the Guided Wilderness Hiking Adventures web site, it states “This is a lifetime experience that visitors will truly remember and cherish”. This is so true.  They say a picture says a thousand words – enjoy the slideshow below of just a few pics of this wonderful experience.

The rain stayed away and over 80 hikers enjoyed three hikes during the second day of the Hike the Highlands Festival. Broad Cove Mountain and Jigging Cove Lake were the other feature guided hikes today that attracted a large group of hikers on each hike.  It pays to have a retired meteorologist on your board.

Tomorrow’s weather – Sunday, Sept. 16 ,  A mix of sound and cloud, 30% chance of showers.  (note- Environment Canada forecast at 10:00 pm on Saturday).  Sunday’s hikes feature Cape St. Lawrence-Lowland Cove, starts at 10:00 am. – meet at Meat Cove Welcome Center and  White Point Hike, starts at 10:00 am.  meet at White Point Wharf.  Tomorrow is also the Terry Fox Run and we asked all Canadians to support this important event for cancer.

 The Cape Breton Weather Watching evening presentation by Bill Danielson was well received and attracted almost a full house of hikers. Bill is the author of Cape Breton Weather Watching book, a retired meteorologist, and a board member of the Hike the Highlands Festival. Bill has volunteered to give daily weather forecasts for Hikers at the Festival Headquarters at Heather room, Glenghorm Beach Resort each day.  Thanks Bill for the sunny and ideal hiking conditions forecast so far. I see Monday & Tuesday look good – sunny. Keep up the great work.

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Bill DanielsonHike the Highlands Festival Guide and author, Bill Danielson received this week a special citation from the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society at their annual conference in St. John’s, NL.  The citation was for  Mr. Danielson book “Cape Breton Weather Watching for the Naturally Curious” that was published last year in October.  Bill & his wife, Esther live in Smelt Brook, Victoria County and enjoy hiking in the highlands.

Mr. Danielson will be featured as one of the presenters at this year’s evening presentations during the Hike the Highlands Festival, September 14 – 2007.  His presentation “Cape Breton Weather” will be held Saturday evening, September 15 at Heather Room, Glenghorm Beach Resort, Ingonish Beach.

Congratulations Bill on your special citation from all the folks at Hike the Highlands Festival Society.

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