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Deuter Futura 28 Backpack

Deuter Futura 28 Backpack

With just 3-4 weeks away before the 6th Annual Hike the Highlands festival – Sept. 11-20, it is time to get out the checklist and start getting ready for the hiking festival.  

1) review the hiking schedule and trail info and decide what hikes you will be going on as well workshops.
2) review the list of accommodation and book for the festival. 
3) Register for the festival – Determine which option you will be doing –
     a) register online for hikes & workshops, and then pay online,
     b) print off the registration form from digital e-brochure and mail the
      registration form and payment in. Please allow a week for mail. or
     c) register and pay in person.
4) Get your equipment ready – daypack,  sunscreen, insect repellent,  water
     bottles, hiking clothes, hiking socks, hiking boots, camera, batteries,
     battery charger, memory cards, sun glasses,  soft shell jacket, wind
     breaker/rain jacket, hiking poles or walking stick, hat, etc.  
5) You should start hiking more – a) you should be going on longer hikes now
      as it gets closer to the festival as well doing two a day. b) Then hike two
      consecutive days.
6) Tell your friends about this Hiking Festival and encourage them to attend
     as well. Help them prepare.

Hope this checklist gets you ready and is a useful resource list.


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On top of Sugarloaf looking at North, Middle & South Harbours

On top of Sugarloaf looking at North, Dingwall, Middle & South Harbours

The hiking schedule for the 2009 Hike the Highlands Festival has been announced and it includes nine new hikes.  They include White Point to Burnt Head, Coastal, Lone Sheiling, MacIntosh Brook, Robert’s Mountain, Red River to Black Brook, Red River to Otter Brook, Le Chemin du Buttereau, and Smokey Towers.  

Backed by popular demand are Meat Cove Mountain, Cape St. Lawrence/Lowland Cove, Salmon Pool, and Red Island hikes. There will be 24 guided hikes in this year’s festival and hikers will have the opportunity to participate in our  long distance hiker awards program of 100 km, 50 km and 25 km.

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Today my wife, Heather, and I went on a late fall hike on Red Island Trail. It was overcast, and windy but still a nice day for hike.  We did the trail clockwise and found the views much better along the trail. It wasn’t long before we got to MacDonald’s Pond and starting see all the islands, the mountains in the background and much more. An immature eagle flew over us while we continued on to Red Island and as well a partridge went by through the woods.  We stopped for a break at Red Island and took pictures of Bird Islands, Red Island and Big Grappling. Then we headed back to our car. The hike took us 1.5 hrs with lots of breaks – me taking pictures. As we arrived in the driveway, a red tail hawk was being chased by two crows. An interesting day and fall hike. Below are some photos I took today and put in smilebox – a slide show program.

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Day eight of the festival was another sunny day for hikers who enjoyed Red Island Guide Hike today.  38 hikers explored the trail featuring Barachois River, Red Island & the ocean and MacDonald Pond.  Today’s hike featured three guides – Mary Ann Wilson, Bethsheila Kent and Marion Thompson and sweeps – Lisa Dixon,  Marie Stradeski and myself.  I was hoping for a pain-free day and it was looking quite good until I got stung by wasps 4 times. Seems somebody walked on their nest and I was the next person. I am ok.   A few pics below of the Red Island Hike.  Tonight’s evening presentation – “Wild Wonders of Diverse Landscapes by Marie Stradeski, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, well attend by hikers.

Weather forecast for Saturday, Sept. 22 – Sunny with cloudy periods, High 22.  Saturday’s hikes are Franey and Middlehead both in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and starting at 10:00 am.  Saturday night is the closing ceremonies for the festival beginning at 7:00 pm. Sunday’s hikes are Corney Brook at 10:00 am. and Uisge Ban Falls at 1:30 pm.

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