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Snowshoeing is a great winter sport to enjoy the outdoors.

One of Cape Breton Highlands favorite activities in the winter is to go out and explore trails by snowshoe. So far this winter conditions have been ideal for this sport with lots of snow. Did you know snowshoeing is one of the best aerobic sports for keeping in shape….an average of 600 calories per workout. It is safe and low impact sport,  good for strength and endurance.  Adding poles provides an even better workout with your shoulders, arms and back muscles plus helps you with balance going up and down hills.  

Snowshoeing with poles is a great aerobic workout burning on average 600 calories per workout

Some excellent resources on snowshoeing are out there are the Take the Roof off Winter website with Recreation Nova Scotia and NS Health & Wellness and Annapolis County Recreation Newsletter on Snowshoeing. 

Les Amis du Plein Hiking Club based out of Cheticamp have weekly events on snowshoeing throughtout the winter along with North Highlands Nordic in Cape North which rents snowshoes as well.  Their are lots of trails to enjoy in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park such as Salmon Pool and Clyburn Valley.


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Hike NS 150 km distance award pin

In February 2011, Hike Nova Scotia announced its new program – a Hiker Distance Award. Pattern a bit like Hike the Highlands Festival in Cape Breton, the award program provides a lapel pin to people who hike, walk or snowshoe in Nova Scotia. There are three distances 150 km, 250 km and 500 km. You must be a member of Hike Nova Scotia ($10.00 to join) in order to register for the program. The program is an incentive and challenge to get outdoors and enjoy the many trails, walkways in Nova Scotia and be physically active.

Hike Nova Scotia 250 km distance pin

Hikers who register will receive a link to download a file to keep track of your km or you can mail or e-mail for a hard copy log book.

Hikers can only receive one pin per year. You must register each year for the hikers distance award program.  Hikers are not allowed to carry over km for the year before.

Hike Nova Scotia 500 km distance award pin

Those who register in the program must hike, walk or snowshoe the kms in Nova Scotia.  You do not have hike , walk or snowshoe on a trail. You can walk on a sidewalk, road etc. to accumulate your kms.

For more information please visit the Hike Nova Scotia website.

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Snowshoeing is being coming a popular winter sport in the Cape Breton Highlands

Lets face it no one likes getting up in the dark to leave for work or coming home in the dark..In means for the first part of the winter, being outdoors can only happen on Saturday and Sunday.  

Here are some helpful tips to get rid of the winter blues and stay in shape – 1) walk during the day, at lunch time, in your office building, take the stairs, 2) buy some exercise equipment for your home, or join a gym or take an exercise class.  Watch for deals and gradually build up your home gym. 3) The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines (18-64yrs old)  require at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity per week.  Some useful fitness equipment I found good are – stepper, rower, home gym (weight machine) , stationary bike, elliptical trainer and trendmill ( don’t have this one) .  4) For weekends – enjoy snowshoeing with poles, x-country skiing,  downhill skiing, skating , hockey, are great winter activities as well walking.

Take your camera and share your winter memories & experiences with family and friends.  It is important to stay fit over the winter so you can be ready for the upcoming hiking season. I am planning for a great season …are you ?

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