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White Point

Close to 100 hikers enjoyed the hikes on Day 2 of 2011  Hike the Highlands Festival at White Point and Sugar Loaf . It was a day to enjoy great coastal scenery,  a climb up a steep mountain and to prepare you with some wet weather.

White Point hike provided great coastal scenery, the history of the Unknown sailor and  Two Tittles. This trail is featured in many photos especially Wally Hayes, retired professional photographer with NS Tourism. He enjoyed this trail at sunrise, sunset and during the day.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf , one of the classic hikes on Cape Breton Island and also part of 3 Peaks Challenge, made for some quick pictures at the top as the skies opened up with rain.  There are some great pics of nearby mountains, North Harbour and 4 mile beach on the summit.

Day 3 hikes include Meat Cove Mountain and Money Point Gulch, both feature outstanding views at the top of each mountain. Don’t forget your camera on this sunny day.


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Middle Head Group Pic by Sam Schwartz

The 8th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival got off to a great start with forty -two hikers enjoying the first hike of the festival – Middle Head in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  There were lots of hugs as friends said hi again. Sunny conditions and a great sunset provided some nice backgrounds for pictures.

The hikers return after the hike to our new festival headquarters, St. John’s Hall, for a meet & greet and opening ceremonies.  They were treated to snacks and a slideshow of last year’s hikes.

Today’s hikes are White Point to Burnt Head and Sugar Loaf , both popular hikes with great views of seacoast scenery. It will be windy today but gives us the opportunity for some great pictures of the waves breaking on the coastline.

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 The NHN trails hike in Cape North provided a scenic view of South Harbour along with Peak Tenerife and Sugar Loaf Mountains.  A picnic lunch sponsored by St. Paul`s Island Historical Society was enjoyed by all  hikers at Cabot Landing Provincial Park before embarking on Sugar Loaf mountain hike. Sugar Loaf views at the summit did not disappoint but hikers earned it by completing a tough climb up & down.

The day ended with an amazing evening presentation, “A Bird’s Eye View – discover the birds of Cape Breton and the habitants they call home”,  by Suzanne Lambert, Park Intrepreter, Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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Teams at the 2010 Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge

Teams at the 2010 Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge

The 1st Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge took place July 17 with 10 teams participating.  Pattern a bit after the UK 3 peaks Challenge, hikers were challenged to hike  Franey, Sugar Loaf and Acadien mountains in 12 hours or less which also included 2.5 hrs driving to the mountains. Each Peak ranged from 1400-1500 in elevation  with total hiking distance of 21 kms and over 4000 in elevation. The event began at 7:00 am. and finished before 7:00 pm.

Franey Mountain, one of the 3 Peaks

On top of Franey Mountain, one of the 3 Peaks, in the 2010 Cape Breton 3 Peaks Challenge, July 17th.

Teams were impressed by the views at the top of each peak, the physical challenge and the experience this new event provided.  It was a great start for this new event and many are looking forward to next year.  Our Hike the Highlands festival team enjoyed meeting all the new hikers &  teams.  

2010 Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge

"Certin to be Hurtin" team, one of the ten teams who completed the CB Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge

 Thanks to all the teams, and partners for making this 1st CB Highlands 3 Peaks a success and for your input in evaluation, suggestions and recommendations in helping planning for next year’s event. The event was hosted by Hike the Highlands Festival with assistance from Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Thanks to Lori Burke, an avid Cape Breton hiker who completed the UK 3 Peaks Challenge, for all her planning assistance with this event.

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Sugar Loaf Mountain - One of 3 Peaks

Ten teams have registered to date for the 1st Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge on July 17th.  The event has generated alot of interested by hikers as well the media community includng CBC and Canadian Geographic Magazine.  The Cape Breton 3 Peaks Challenge is all about hiking Franey, Sugar Loaf and Acadien mountains in 12 hrs – 7am. to 7pm.

The 3 peaks challenge involves approximately 9 hrs of hiking, 4300 in total elevation, 21 kms,  and 2.5 hours driving. This is a team event , four members to a team that includes a team captain. It is pattern a bit from the UK 3 Peaks Challenge.  Their challenge is 24 hrs long , hiking 43 kms and over 500 km driving.  

Their is still time to register a team for this event – deadline July 9th. Registration fee  is $100 per team and includes a souvenir t-shirt and a Parks Canada 125th Anniversary souvenir.  This event is hosted by the Hike the Highlands Festival with assistance from Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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Franey, one of the 3 Peaks

A new hiking event is coming to Cape Breton….on July 17th,  Hike the Highlands Festival with assistance from Cape Breton Highlands National Park will host the Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge.  Pattern a bit from the UK 3 Peaks Challenge,  hikers in teams of  four will hike 3 Peaks in 12 hours… starting at 7:00 am. and finishing around 7:00  pm.

The 3 peaks are Franey, Sugarloaf and Acadien mountains averaging 400 m (1400-1500 feet high) approximately 20 km. The challenge involves approximately 113 kms of driving, and 20 km of hiking. Don’t under estimate the hiking distance, these are 3 of the toughest mountains in Cape Breton Highlands.   It also includes ascending and descending each of the mountains over difficult terrain. Most people will spend approximately 2.5 hrs driving between the peaks, and 9 hours or so walking in the mountains.

Only 15 teams will be accepted in this challenge. Teams comprised of 4 hikers, one must be designated as team captain. The team captain will be responsible for the a) safety and welfare of the team making sure each member is safely down each peak, b) preparing team members for this event . Because of limited parking in two out of three peaks…organizers ask that each team travel in one car.

The registration fee for each team is $100.00 and includes a souvenir t-shirt for each team member and a Parks Canada 125th anniversary souvenir. The team captain will register his/her team online including team name and members names along with their t-shirt sizes as well pay online. Deadline for registration is Friday, July 2nd.  Anything after this date, organizers cannot guarantee t-shirts with correct sizes.  Note: July 17th is Parks Day across Canada and there is no fee to use National Parks facilities on July 17th.

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Roberts Mountain, Pleasant Bay

The recent Explore March/April magazine talked about the old and new Canadian classics including Cycling the Cabot Trail, hiking West Coast Trail and much more.  So it was fitting to chat about the Hike the Highlands Festival Classics, Cape Breton Island.

To make my classics list – a hiking trail must be of significant physical  challenge with outstanding scenery. Here are my classics in no particular order :

1) Franey – I have hiked this trail more than 15o times, and each time it amazes me with the view at the top. A  7.4 kms return hike that provides superb views of the Clyburn Valley and of North Bay, Middlehead & South Bay of Ingonish.
2) Sugar Loaf  – only 4 kms return but you climb big time, but the scenery is outstanding at the top. Take your camera, incredible views. One of my favorite hikes.
3) Meat Cove Mountain – the first time I hiked this trail, it was on a beautiful sunny day and I took over 500 pictures overall. An eagle was flying on top of the mountain. This is a special place…4km return but a good workout. 
4) Roberts Mountain – a new hike in 2009. This is a tough climb but provides an amazing view of Pleasant Bay & Harbour. You will be glad you did this climb.
5) North River Big Falls – 18 km return hike that features Nova Scotia highest waterfalls at 105 feet  at the end of the hike.
6) Acadien – 8.4 km hike that provides great panormaic views of Cheticamp Harbour &  Island, and river canyon. A geocache is located on this trail.  
7) Money Point ( Gulch) – one tough hill to climb first but when you get to the Gulch you know why you did it. Amazing views…
8) Guided Wilderness Hike – This hikes makes you feel young again with jumping rocks, climbing and exploring waterfalls, old growth forest and a hiking cabin. An amazing adventure with great views not to be missed. Take your camera.
9) Fishing Cove – 12 km hike thru a hardwood forest & many forest canyons  to a small cove on the Atlantic Ocean. This hike is definitely a physical challenge but very rewarding with lots of great photo opportunities.
10) Cape St. Lawrence/Lowland Cove – 16 km hike return that provides outstanding coastal scenery and usually wild animals – horses and cows. You start and end in Meat Cove.

I would love to hear your comments on this list and your classics at Hike the Highlands Festival.

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