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Recently,I got trained as a Walkabout Leader with NS Heart & Stroke Foundation, and found out about the many benefits of walking as well additional information on the 10,000 steps a day program. Once you registered on their website, you have the opportunity to track your progress and steps. All you need is a pedometer.

One of nice features of the walkabout program is that it allows you to participate in other activities ie. cycling, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing etc.   and provides a conversion table to help you convert into steps. Claire MacLean, our instructor indicates that some walkers have gone on to walk 1-5 million steps a year. By joining a walking club you have the opportunity to meet other people and learn more about the great routes you have around your neighborhood.  I was fortunate to meet and walk with  Emily Forrest, who walked the coastline of Nova Scotia , over 3000 km in 88 days.

So take a look at this program, it may inspire you to greater things and keep you life active and healthy.


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Emily Forrest

Emily Forrest

On April 24, 2011, Emily Forrest did it – she walked 99kms in 19 hours to raise over $2,000 in funds for Diabetes. Her original  goal was to do it 24 hours but she surpassed it. An amazing feat for a great person. She average 5. 2 kms an hour…. She started at 3:00 am. and in the rain followed by windy conditions, then sun followed by darkness…. finishing  after 9:00 pm… She faced a little bit of everything with the weather. Congratulations Emily…on your accomplishment and helping raise funds for diabetes.

Emily previously walked the coastline of Prince Edward Island and last year walked the coastline of Nova Scotia over 3,000 kms in 88 days. She averaged 40 kms a day.   Her goal in 2010 was to encourage more people to participate in the Walkabout program of  the Heart & Stroke Foundation and Brigadoon Village for kids with chronic illness.  I had the pleasure of walking with her for 2 days in Victoria County. A very down to earth person, who believes in causes and working hard for them. She was honored recently at the Government House in Halifax by Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia , Mayann Francis with the Heart & Stroke Volunteer Award.

Emily Forrest and Heart & Stroke Volunteer Award

Lieutenant Governor, Mayann Francis presenting Emily Forrest with Heart & Stroke Volunteer Award

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Emily looking back at Black Brook Beach, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Every once in awhile you get a rare opportunity to do something special & unique in your life….. Recently, I was able to walk two days with Emily Forrest. She is walking the coastline of Nova Scotia – 2,995 kms from May 13 to August 8, over 88 days, an average 40 kms a day walking.  Her goal is to promote the benefits of walking to Nova Scotians and having an active lifestyle. She is promoting the NS Heart & Stroke Foundation Walkabout program and Brigadoon Village Project – a camp for children  with chronic diseases.

Emily looking at the Bull Moose

On our first day it was foggy and Emily and I didn’t get to see much except seeing a bull moose between South Harbour & Smelt Brook. Emily hadn’ t seen one on Cape Breton yet so it was a nice treat.  The second day, there was no fog so we got to see alot of the coastline from New Haven to Ingonish Beach and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Plus got to see alot of fishing boats pulling out their lobster traps near the rocks.  The weather was warmer that day and starting to sap my energy level. I found out later it was 33 degrees…. I made it ok but I learned alot about myself that day and what heat can do to your body.  Some suggestions for hot days – Take a temp guage for your daypack/backpack, take salt tablets,  extra snacks, extra water and pour water over your head (from streams) to cool down your body….

When walking with Emily you soon realize this lady is very down to earth person and easy to talk to on every subject. She may not consider herself an tremendous athlete but she is ….walking 40 kms a day is not easy…..She averages 5 km an hour…and does this for 88 days. She takes one rest day every two weeks…

In concluding, I am glad I took the opportunity to spend two days with Emily Forrest and to get to know this amazing person and athlete. Thanks Emily and good luck on the rest of your trip.  You can follow Emily at facebook and twitter

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Emily Forrest - NS Come to Life Photo

One of Nova Scotia’s amazing persons, Emily Forrest, is in Cape Breton Highlands, walking along the coastline  to promote the benefits of walking, the NS Heart Stroke & Foundation’s Walkabout Program and Brigadoon, a camp for children with chronic illnesses.  Emily will be walking over 2995 kms over 88 days, covering an average of  40 kms a day.  She began her walkabout on May 13th and will finish on August 8th, 2010.

She will be visiting Margaree Harbour, Cheticamp, Pleasant Bay, Cape North, Neil’s Habour, Ingonish, Wreck Cove, North River Bridge in the Highlands. Check out her schedule and try to spend time walking with her along her route. She will appreciate this plus you can help her get to know a special part of Cape Breton. For more information on her walkabout & Emily check out this recent Chronicle Herald newspaper article – Walking Changed Her Life.

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