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Bull Moose on Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge

The 75th Anniversary Cape Breton Highlands National Park in 2011 has provided hikers with a new challenge – hike  75 km from May to October. It also provides you with a wonderful opportunity to see the whole park,  its great scenery, wildlife and plants. And of course to get in shape for more events such as CB Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge and 8th Annual Hike the Highlands festival in September.

Hikers are required to keep track of your trails hiked and dates, record them on paper, signed it and pass it into the Parks Canada Cheticamp or Ingonish Visitor Information Centre where you will receive some 75th Anniversary prizes. Note: Hikers can only hike each trail once.  Be sure to take your camera with you and take lots of pictures.  Below are just a few of the pictures I took while completing the 75 km hiking challenge.


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Cape Breton Highlands National Park 75th Anniversary Geocoin

In 2011, Cape Breton Highlands National Park celebrates its 75th anniversary. One of the popular activities in this park has been geocaching.  This year geocachers who find all 5 ecocaches and complete the quiz will receive a special limited gold geocoin for their achievement.

Geocachers will have to hike 17 km on 5 hiking trails in the national park – Acadien, Benjies Lake,  MacIntosh Brook,  Jack Pine and Freshwater Lake. This can be done in one or two days.  Be sure to stop into Cheticamp or Ingonish Parks Canada Visitor Information Centre to get your cacheport and get GPS co-ordinates.

Geocache Box on Jack Pine

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Jack Pine, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Generally, the Victoria Day weekend is the start of the hiking season in the Cape Breton Highlands area for many hikers. You can expect wet conditions, some windfalls, cold temps, winds and much more. Here are some tips to get ready for the season:

1) develop a checklist for your hiking equipment, then review the condition of each item, make notes of what is needed to be replaced. Then make sure everything is packed before you go out hiking on the trail. The checklist should include the following – whistle, map,  rain gear, layers, trekking poles,  extra pair of smart wool socks,  gaiters, jacket, first aid kit, knife,  hat, sun glasses, bug spray, and a  camera with extra batteries etc.

2) Develop a training plan – a)  start your hiking season with short hikes, b) then move on to medium hikes and then c) longer hikes.  Build your strength up, get used to your equipment and then you are ready for some hiking challenges.

3)  Every hiking season brings many special moments and memories. Always bring your camera with you, bring extra batteries and memory card. You never know what you might run into or find yourself in the right place at right time. Below is a pick of a spruce grouse that I almost ran into on the Clyburn Valley hiking trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park on the long weekend in May.

Spruce Grouse, Clyburn Valley, CBHNP

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Spring hiking means wet conditions, streams and brooks to cross, and using your trekking poles and wearing your gaiters. But don’t forget about snow...Franey is one of your classic hikes in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park – incredible views on top and a nice aerobic workout.

It was around the 4th hill that I noticed more snow as hiked to the top of the mountain. The 5th hill had snow as well.  While at the top I took a few pictures of the Clyburn Valley showing there was snow on the mountains. Going down Franey you take an old fire road and this is where I really notice snow. Some places were 3-5 ft deep but I was lucky it was packed and I didn’t sink. The snow stayed close to halfway down the mountain and then there was ponds and streams to get around. Franey is one of three peaks hikers will complete in the Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge on July 16th.

Below are some more pictures of my Franey hike in early May

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Despite overcast skies, and a few rain drops, everything went well on day one of the 2010 Hike the Highlands Festival.  Wally Hayes dazzle us with his amazing knowledge of photography and shared with us some great tips including geotagging your photos, composition, and shooting with macro lens. The Nature & Landscape photography workshop used Middle Head hiking trail as its venue.. The evening hike at Freshwater Lake attracted a number of hikers led by guide Kersti, Park Interpreter, CBHNP.  The day ended with opening ceremonies, and  a Hiker Safety presentation by Erich Muntz, Resource Conservation Supervisor, CBHNP.  

Second day of the festival, Saturday, Sept. 11th, features  1) a Nature & Landscape photography workshop in the morning at 8 am. by Wally Hayes at White Point,  2) hikes at White Point/Burnt Head 10 am.  and Franey at 2 pm. Both hikes are well known for their incredible scenery and led by veteran guides, 3) in the evening, there will be a presentation on hiking the West Highland Way (95 miles), Scotland by Andrew Powter…

Hikers will notice the new blue trailhead signs at all hiking trails in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park this year.  Below are some pictures of the day at Photography workshop

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Money Point Gulch

Money Point Gulch Hike

The 7th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival opens today with a Nature & Landscape Photography Workshop, Freshwater Lake Hike and Opening ceremonies.  The 10 day hiking festival runs from Sept. 10 to Sept. 19, 2010.
The festival headquarters & registration desk are located at Glenghorm Beach Resort, Ingonish and is open today at 12:00 noon to 9 pm. 

One of Cape Breton's favorite picture - is Cap Rouge along the Cabot Trail

The festival begins with a  Nature & Landscape Photography workshop with Wally Hayes at 2 pm.  Photographers meet at the Festival Headquarters first…  Opening day hike is Freshwater Lake, a short hike in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, to get the legs moving and begins at 5:30 pm. meet at Ingonish Beach parking lot….  Opening ceremonies follows at 7 pm. and features welcome, a look back at 2009 festival & forward with 2010 festival, Hikers Safety presentation By Erich Munez, CBHNP,  meet & greet, and food. 

It plans to be a great start for the 7th Annual Hike the Highlands festival. Follow us throughtout the 10 days on facebooktwitter, our blog and our website.

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Le viuex chemin du Cap Rouge

Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge trail interpretive sign. Photo by Gayle Bourgeois

A new hiking trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park,  “Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge, ” was officially opened on August 15th, on National Acadian Day,  with over 200 people in attendance  including former Cap Rouge residents. The ceremonies recognized the people & families who used to live in Cap Rouge before the area became part of a National Park.  The day featured music, interpretive talks, storytelling and much more. Laurette (Aucoin) MacGillvary, the last person born at Cap Rouge cut the ribbon to officially open the trail.

This 6 km trail follows the route of the old Cabot Trail from Le Buttereau to Trout Brook. The trail was a joint project of Parks Canada and Conseil Economique de Cheticamp.

Entertainment at opening of Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge hiking trail

Entertainment at opening of Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge hiking trail. Photo by Gayle Bourgeois

The trail has been described as a pleasant hike along the top of a ridge that offers gentle climb through the woods with the occasional clearing opening onto breathtaking views of the coast .  It also includes interpretive signs that will inform visitors about the people who lived there. 

Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge trail will be one of the hikes featured in this year’s 2010 Hike the Highlands Festival , a ten day hiking festival from Sept. 10-19 in Northern Cape Breton along the Cabot Trail.  Other new hikes in 2010 include Money Point Light and Polletts Cove.

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