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Recently,I got trained as a Walkabout Leader with NS Heart & Stroke Foundation, and found out about the many benefits of walking as well additional information on the 10,000 steps a day program. Once you registered on their website, you have the opportunity to track your progress and steps. All you need is a pedometer.

One of nice features of the walkabout program is that it allows you to participate in other activities ie. cycling, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing etc.   and provides a conversion table to help you convert into steps. Claire MacLean, our instructor indicates that some walkers have gone on to walk 1-5 million steps a year. By joining a walking club you have the opportunity to meet other people and learn more about the great routes you have around your neighborhood.  I was fortunate to meet and walk with  Emily Forrest, who walked the coastline of Nova Scotia , over 3000 km in 88 days.

So take a look at this program, it may inspire you to greater things and keep you life active and healthy.


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