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Swimming at Fishing Cove, photo by Bob Harrison

Two of Nova Scotia’s best seacoast hiking trails were hiked yesterday by close to eighty hikers in the 2011 Hike the Highlands Festival. Sunny and warm conditions made the return trip hot in the afternoon with lots of water breaks and stops. Both hikes had swimmers enjoyed the ocean water to cool off.

Entering Pollett's Cove

Outstanding coastal scenery awaited the hikers entering Pollett’s Cove. A nice break on the beach made the experience even more meaningful. Cows and horses were grazing in the fields.

Fishing Cove, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Looking Back at Fishing Cove, photo bt Bob Harrison

Forty-eight hikers enjoyed the hike into Fishing Cove led by veteran guide Derek Quann. Once a fishing village now enjoyed by day hikers and overnight hikers. The cove has freshwater coming down the valley as well saltwater from the ocean.

Today’s hikes include Franey, Cape St. Lawrence and Warren Lake. Cooler temperatures are expected today with some rain or showers ending near noon. It will be a welcome relief for hikers after 3 days of sun and hot temperatures from 26-30 degrees.


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Hikers Mickey & Sharon enjoying the views on Skyline, photo by Phyllis MacLeod

It was a day when records fell and hikers were out in big numbers at Salmon Pools, Le Buttereau & le Chemin du Buttereau and Skyline hikes. The Skyline hike had the most hikers on any hike since the festival started 8 years ago with 75 plus. The total day of hikers was another record.

2nd pool, Salmon Pools trail

The weather cooperated again on Day 6 with sunny conditions for most of the day with some breezes on Skyline.  Many of the hikers did  two hikes today. Veteran and popular guide Daniel Aucoin started the day by helping hikers enjoyed nature on Salmon Pools trail. he was folled by park interpreter Donna Doucette who provided interesting stories & history of the Acadien families on Le Buttereau & Lechemin du Buttereau trails.

Moose on Skyline - photo by Phyllis MacLeod

The last hike of the day was on the Skyline trail led by guides Marieve Therriault and Lisa Dixon. The hikers did the back loop first (old trail)  and came back on the new trail.  Four moose were spotted. The day ended with a nice social evening at main theatre, Parks Canada Cheticamp Visitor Centre hosted by Les Amis du Plein Air.

Today’s hikes are Pollett’s Cove and Fishing Cove…. two of the longer hikes with outstanding views at the end of each hike.  This will be one hike day due to the length of each trail. Tonight presentation back at the hall is St. Paul’s Lighthouse.

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Group pic at Pollett's Cove

Hikers had a beautiful sunny, fall hiking day to enjoy the Pollett’s Cove hike on Day 5 of Hike the Highlands festival.  Led by veteran guide Dave Williams, thirty -four hikers enjoyed the spectacular scenery at Otter’s Brook and Pollett’s Cove. Interesting enough it rain most of the day on the other side of the highlands at Ingonish.

Along the way, hikers had the opportunity to cross streams including the one at Otter Brook. This was a good day to use trekking poles for the hike and most hikers did for the hills – up and down and for balance crossing the streams.

Crossing the stream at Otter Brook

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Money Point (Gulch)

The 2010 schedule of hikes for the 7th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival is out now…There will be 24 guided hikes over ten days – Sept. 10-19.  Three new hikes will be offered this year – Polletts Cove (18km), Money Point Light (14 km) and Le vieux chemin du Cap-Rouge ( 6km).  Hikes coming back in 2010 include Cape Smokey, Acadien,  Benjies Lake, Bog,  and Money Point (Gulch). Hikers who enjoy photography will like the new trails added and the hikes back for 2010. Outstanding scenery will be enjoyed.

Two of the new hikes, Polletts Cove & Money Point Light are rated the highest yet for level of difficulty – 5E and will require the hiker to be in good physical condition, wear hiking boots,  use trekking poles, and carry the appropriate food & water.  The above hikes will begin at 9:00 am. and are expected to take most of the day. Hikers must dress appropriately and be prepared for all conditions. Le vieux chemin du Cap-Rouge is a new trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park built on the old Cabot Trail.

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