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Hikers Mickey & Sharon enjoying the views on Skyline, photo by Phyllis MacLeod

It was a day when records fell and hikers were out in big numbers at Salmon Pools, Le Buttereau & le Chemin du Buttereau and Skyline hikes. The Skyline hike had the most hikers on any hike since the festival started 8 years ago with 75 plus. The total day of hikers was another record.

2nd pool, Salmon Pools trail

The weather cooperated again on Day 6 with sunny conditions for most of the day with some breezes on Skyline.  Many of the hikers did  two hikes today. Veteran and popular guide Daniel Aucoin started the day by helping hikers enjoyed nature on Salmon Pools trail. he was folled by park interpreter Donna Doucette who provided interesting stories & history of the Acadien families on Le Buttereau & Lechemin du Buttereau trails.

Moose on Skyline - photo by Phyllis MacLeod

The last hike of the day was on the Skyline trail led by guides Marieve Therriault and Lisa Dixon. The hikers did the back loop first (old trail)  and came back on the new trail.  Four moose were spotted. The day ended with a nice social evening at main theatre, Parks Canada Cheticamp Visitor Centre hosted by Les Amis du Plein Air.

Today’s hikes are Pollett’s Cove and Fishing Cove…. two of the longer hikes with outstanding views at the end of each hike.  This will be one hike day due to the length of each trail. Tonight presentation back at the hall is St. Paul’s Lighthouse.


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Sophia & JF

In 2009, a young lassie, Sophia, from England came to Canada for a year to travel and work.  Her first stop was Hike the Highlands Festival…About midway thru the festival she met a lad from PEI who was studing at University of British Columbia. JF was working at Cape Breton Highlands National Park as a park interpreter and during the hiking festival was one of the guides. They met and got to know each other on several hikes during the festival including Lone Shieling, Skyline, and Broad Cove as well at Thirsty Hiker Pub. 

Their relationship continued and love blossomed over the next two years. JF was always proud to say he met Sophia at Hike the Highlands. Recently they were married at University of British Columbia. On behalf of Hike the Highlands team and fellow hikers, congratulations to both of you on your marriage and we wish you all the best.  Hopefully someday you will come back for a visit and see us again at our hiking festival.

Below are some pics of  Sophia and JF at Hike the Highlands Festival in 2009 when they met.  Photo credits to Wally Hayes & Tom Wilson. Thanks Marieve for the title of the Post.

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It finally happened it rained during hikes on day 7 of Hike the Highlands festival. Despite inclement weather, all three hikes – Skyline, Fishing Cove and Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge were completed.  The passionate and dedicated hikers were out in full force today. They carried on despite wind, showers and rain. Guides were on the look-out for shelters, and under trees for protection during breaks.   

le Bloc Wharf

Le Bloc Wharf

Heavy fog prevented any views on Skyline…did notice two professional photographers walking by us on the way out.  One chap had a lens, sport photographers used during professional sports. On the le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge trail we saw some house foundations of  three homes and the old schoolhouse,  Le Bloc wharf, and the view at the end. This was a good day to learn about layering ( base, mid-layer & rain gear) for various weather conditions.

Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge

Group Picture at Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge

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A great month of April has brought spring hiking to the Cape Breton Highlands earlier than expected.  Spring hiking has its adventures – flowing streams, bridges out, windfalls, moose, wet trails and snow but  who cares when it is 15 degrees out and sunny.   

One of the most important pieces of equipment for spring hiking is trekking or nordic walking poles.  You need poles to help with your balance crossing streams & bridges, going over windfalls, navigating wet trails as well  going thru snow….There was still quite a bit of snow on Skyline – April 24 about halfway out it was clear.

Below are a few pictures of spring hiking in the highlands at Red Island, Plaster, Skyline and a few travelling to the trails & back… Enjoy the pics.

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Moose on Skyline Trail

Moose on Skyline Trail

Day seven of the hiking festival concluded our visit to Cheticamp and Pleasant Bay areas in the Highlands.  Many were sad to leave as hikers saw incredible coastal scenery, moose & whales and enjoyed the Acadien culture, music & hospitality. Thanks to new partner Les Amis du Plein Air for their warm welcome and incredible Nature Bookstore.

On Day seven , over 80 hikers were treated to sunny conditions today and enjoyed hiking on Skyline, Fishing Cove and Le Chemin du Buttereau trails.

Once again, the Skyline trail did not disappoint as hikers were treated to amazing 
coastal scenery, and to several  moose. Some hikers reported seeing 8-or 9 moose on their hike.  Guides John Francis Lane, Sandra Curtis and Nathalie Aresenault kept us on a good pace, stopping and  highlighting the many unique points of this trail. 

On Le Chemin du Buttereau, Guides Marieve Therriault and Tom Wilson helped  hikers to learn more about 30 Acadien families, their heritage and see the house foundations where they once lived.  On Fishing Cove hike, guide Derek Quann  took hikers through an Acadien forest to a small cove where several Acadien families  lived & fished and operated a small lobster cannery.  Some great coastal scenery and 17 forest canyons on Fishing Cove trail. 

The day ended with a great presentation by Marie Stradeski on “Trekking in Central and South America in particular Costa Rica and Peru. Some amazing colours, pictures, scenery and music were enjoyed by a nice crowd. A perfect way to end a great day of hiking …wanting more.  

The festival is now going into its final weekend.  Friday, Sept. 18th hikes include Franey, Freshwater Lake & Look off and Smokey Towers. Light rain or showers are expected today so dress accordingly. The last workshop of the festival – Outdoor Nature Photography with Wally Hayes takes place on Friday, Sept. 18th.  Meet at Cape Smokey Provincial Park parking lot at 1:30 pm.  Day 8 Evening presentation – “Hiking in Europe” with Lori Burke at 7pm. at Conference room, Glenghorm Beach Resort, Ingonish  plans to attract a good crowd.

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MacIntosh Brook, CBHNP

MacIntosh Brook, CBHNP

Hiking is one of the most popular activities of visitors to Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  Staff have been asked for their picks of hiking trails to help visitors enjoy the National Park experience.  Ten were selected and they are 1) L’Acadien, 2) Franey, 3) Bog,  4) Jack Pine, 5) Skyline, 6) Glasgow Lakes Look-off,  7) MacIntosh Brook, 8) Salmon Pools, 9) Broad Cove Mountain and 10) Middle Head.  All of them are great choices.

Here are my ten picks of  hiking trails in Cape Breton Highlands National Park – 1)  Franey,  2) Clyburn Valley,  3)  Broad Cove Mountain, 4) Le Buttereau,  5)  L’Acadien, 6)  Salmon Pools, 7) Coastal which includes Jack Pine, 8) Middle Head, 9) Fishing Cove and  10) Skyline.  I enjoy taking photos and the above ten hiking trails in the Cape Breton Highlands National park provide me with great photo opportunities.

What are your favorite hiking trails in Cape Breton Highlands National Park ? Send me your comments….and why they are your favorites ? Hikers like to hear other opinions on trails.

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Moose crossing at moose sign, Benijies Lake, Cape breton Highlands National Park

Moose crossing at moose sign, Benjies Lake, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Day five of the festival involved three hikes, Bog, Benjies Lake, and Skyline. Over 100 hikers were on the trails today in our festival. The Morrisons from Scotland joined us today and the Caseys from Margaree at Skyline.  A hiker from Australia spent time chating with us before the Skyline Hike. And four moose were seen today and one rabbit. It was that kind of day as Lloyd Robertson would say with CTV News.

The weather was different today – sunny in Ingonish and cold and light drizzle on Cheticamp side of Cape Breton Highlands National Park where the hikes were taking place. All the hikers had their jackets on in the morning. It got better in the afternoon. The wind was down at the end of the Skyline trail.

A moose was seen at Benjies Lake trailhead crossing at the moose sign and 3 moose and one rabbit on the Skyline trail.  First year Guide at the festival Angie Payne wowed the hikers with her knowledge, wit and Newfoundland accent.

Please find a few pictures of today’s hike at Benjies Lake and Skyline trails.

Kudos to all our festival registration people at the Heather room and trailhead for a great job. Your work makes us our festival run smoothly and on time.  Our chairperson for registration, Heather Dixon keeps everything in order and operational. Special thanks to our great team of registration workers.

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