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Loon, St. Ann's Harbour

Something told me that day to take my DSLR camera with my zoom lens and teleconverter (1.5x) ,which made my zoom go to 405 mm. Off I went for my walk. It was a grey, overcast day not to cold at least I thought, so I took my hiking gloves. About 30 minutes later I switch to winter gloves, there was definitely wind chill factor in the air (-14).

Loon drying its wings

I heard a loon so I focused the camera to see if I could find it.  I did..It was out quite far in the harbour but my zoom brought it in. I stayed for 25-30 minutes watching it.  It was amazing experience…the loon caught a fish and ate it. Later it came in closer to shore…then it got up and dry its wings…. Then I saw a grey jay, squirrel and a seal on my walk.  An exceptional day for photography and nature. Now I want a bigger zoom.



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Snowshoeing is being coming a popular winter sport in the Cape Breton Highlands

Lets face it no one likes getting up in the dark to leave for work or coming home in the dark..In means for the first part of the winter, being outdoors can only happen on Saturday and Sunday.  

Here are some helpful tips to get rid of the winter blues and stay in shape – 1) walk during the day, at lunch time, in your office building, take the stairs, 2) buy some exercise equipment for your home, or join a gym or take an exercise class.  Watch for deals and gradually build up your home gym. 3) The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines (18-64yrs old)  require at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity per week.  Some useful fitness equipment I found good are – stepper, rower, home gym (weight machine) , stationary bike, elliptical trainer and trendmill ( don’t have this one) .  4) For weekends – enjoy snowshoeing with poles, x-country skiing,  downhill skiing, skating , hockey, are great winter activities as well walking.

Take your camera and share your winter memories & experiences with family and friends.  It is important to stay fit over the winter so you can be ready for the upcoming hiking season. I am planning for a great season …are you ?

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Time to Move

One of the greater promoters of hiking in Canada is ParticipACTION, a national organization with a vision to have a Canadian Society the most physical active on Earth. They are advocacy agency for physical activity that work with partners to communication and create action.  

Each month they produce a monthly newsletter with interesting research and facts, activities and success stories. You can subscribe to their monthly newsletter and join their movement. Every month, they promote hiking and walking. In the September newsletter, they feature our festival as well the Arthritis Lifetsyle makeover challenge program that you can sign up and receive some forms to start recording your results.  The arthristis society states that for every 10 pounds you lose, you are relieving your knee joints 40 pounds of stress. The October newsletter featured an article on physical activitiy and breast cancer and how activty reduces the risk. In the November newsletter,  Kelly Murumets writes 8 things to do in November for physical activity with one of course being hiking.

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