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Loon, St. Ann's Harbour

Something told me that day to take my DSLR camera with my zoom lens and teleconverter (1.5x) ,which made my zoom go to 405 mm. Off I went for my walk. It was a grey, overcast day not to cold at least I thought, so I took my hiking gloves. About 30 minutes later I switch to winter gloves, there was definitely wind chill factor in the air (-14).

Loon drying its wings

I heard a loon so I focused the camera to see if I could find it.  I did..It was out quite far in the harbour but my zoom brought it in. I stayed for 25-30 minutes watching it.  It was amazing experience…the loon caught a fish and ate it. Later it came in closer to shore…then it got up and dry its wings…. Then I saw a grey jay, squirrel and a seal on my walk.  An exceptional day for photography and nature. Now I want a bigger zoom.



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The start of Easter Weekend in the Cape Breton Highlands has brought sunshine, warm weather and lots of song birds back.   I saw incredible amount of birds today during our walk. They include song sparrows, junkoos, loons, canada geese, merganser ducks, golden eye ducks, robins, and more. 

I have to be honest, it was foggy, dark and dull day and I took my camera for a few pics…I ended taking almost a full memory card 4 gig of pictures ( 900) and had one of best photo days of the year. The water was calm and I was getting great refections and the birds were amazing active everywhere. The fog lifted in the afternoon and it turned out to be amazing day of sunshine. It is expected to reach in the 20’s all weekend.

2010 MEC Spring & Summer Catalogue

After downloading my pictures, I checked my e-mail and the electronic version of  the 2010  MEC Spring and Summer Catalogue is now available. Lots of great new items in this year’s catalogue including mountain bikes, touring bikes, urban and road. As well cycling clothes – jackets, and jerseys. New packs, tents and hiking gear….and much more….

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Mild Winter attracting Deer

With the warm weather lately, our mild winter is getting alot of  hikers thinking this could be an early start for the 2010 Hiking season…. 

The warm weather attracted some visitors to our area that have not been seen in awhile – deer.. They look like about year old….  Other visitors include a number of flocks of Common Golden eyes birds…a few rabbits, foxes, hawks, eagles and coyotes…

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I have been fascinated by the last two weeks in May and the change of flora and fauna in the Highlands of Cape Breton. It seems everything has come to life…hummingbirds are back, buds are out on trees and leaves are starting to grow. Moose are out eating,  loons are back, the birds are singing.. what an incredible time of the year for a photographer. It also means mowing lawns, putting out our solar lights, getting decks & flowerbeds ready. And of course hiking on the trails again…yes!!!!

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Birding WorkshopThere was a birding workshop on Saturday, June 9th at Keltic Lodge Inn at Ingonish Beach. The Inn is located directly across from the Atlantic Restaurant.  The workshop was sponsored by Nova Scotia Birding Society, Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas and Cape Breton Highlands National park. The admission was free and included inside sessions in the morning by NS Birding Society, Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas and Cape Breton Highlands National Park, at the Inn at Keltic Lodge and a field trip on Middle Head Trail in the afternoon.

The workshop covered a)  Discover how to locate and identify regional birds by sight and sound; b) Find out where to find highland birding hotspots and rarities; c) Learn about the Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas and how you can participate in this five-year research project; Group photo provided by Marie Stradeski. Thanks to all for making it a successful day.     

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